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Why You Should Learn to Square Dance.

Below are many of the reasons one should learn to Square Dance. ​

Promotes Team Work- A group of eight people have to work together to be successful at Square Dancing. Not many other dance forms require a team.

Improves Listening Skills-The Caller can put the calls in any order, so there is no memorizing any routines. It is all improvisation on the spot. 

Improves Communication Skills-If a dancer missed a call he must rely on the other dancers to help him by telling him where he needs to be or what the call was.

Helps with Coordination-Square Dancing causes your brain and body to work together to execute the calls. 

It is a Healthy Environment-There is no smoking or alcohol allowed at any Square Dance Events. That means it is a safe haven for families who wish to avoid these things or for those in recovery programs. 


The Touch is a Healthy Touch-Holding hands to do a particular call or move, like Right and Left Grand or giving a high five as you pass by other dancers is a healthy kind of touch that all of us need. 

It is Stress Relief-When you are trying to listen and remember all the calls or moves, you can't be thinking of the worries of the day. Takes your mind off everything else. 

Improves Memory Recall Times And Mental Health-A dancer only has a second to recall how to do a call or dance step before it needs to be executed. Studies show activities that involve both mental and physical activity at the same time, slow the onset of Alzheimer's. 

Improves Fitness-The level of exertion is up to each participant. You can rev it up for a high intensity workout or take it easy for a relaxing, yet beneficial workout. Dancing regularly can lead to a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and an improved cholesterol profile. It is also a weight-bearing activity for bone health. Dancing also leads to better balance as we age. 

Calorie Burn & Distance-You can burn 200-400 calories every 30 minutes when dancing. A dancer logs an average of 8000 steps at a dance. 

It Makes You Laugh-Where else can you forget your right from your left and not be given a hard time? Don't worry; it has happened to all of us. We laugh at ourselves and move on. What else can you do?

It is a Social Event-Meet people of all ages in a non-threatening, relaxed social environment. Lifelong friendships are built through the social interaction of others who enjoy the same activity. 

The Music-We dance to all kinds of music from contemporary to the oldies.

The Travel Opportunities-Square Dancing is done world-wide and is called in English all over the world. Yes, you can go anywhere in the world and Square Dance! There are weekend events, week-long events and even Square Dance cruises.  

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