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What happens at a Dance?

At a typical dance, you will find a lot of things happening. Dances usually last from two to two and a half hours in length.


A Square Dance Tip usually consists of two songs, one being a Patter and one being a Singing Call. The Patter is where the Caller usually speaks calls to which the dancers dance. A Singing Call is where the Caller is singing the calls that dancers are dancing along with singing some of the lyrics to the song. 

After a Square Dance Tip (two songs), clubs will either have Round Dancing or Line Dancing, depending on which that particular club does. 


A food table is usually present at all dances. Some clubs have entire meals, while other clubs have only snacks. 


No matter where you go to dance, you will always find a lot of fellowship. 

Visitors are always welcome at any Indiana Club Dance! So come join us when you can! We would love to have you!

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