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What is Square Dancing?​

To square dance, eight people stand in pairs facing in to form a box shape called the square. Then a person named a "caller" uses a microphone to give them directions while some lively music plays.

The dancers learn separate moves or "calls" at lessons. When they start dancing, the caller announces the calls, often making it fun and challenging. You have to listen, though! You work as a team to be successful. If you aren't successful--you just laugh and try again!

Today's style of square dancing for kids uses cool music, like songs from One Direction, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and even goofy fun songs like Gummy Bear and Hamster Dance!


You make lots of friends in square dancing and you get exercise that's good for you!


When you start to learn you just wear comfortable street clothes and shoes that won't mark the floor. Later, if you wish, you can get neat western-style outfits. It's not necessary to have special clothes to dance at the club each week.

Catch the following video from YouTube where square dancing kids in the Seattle area did a Flash Mob. You'll learn to dance like them too! After the video, find the lessons nearest you below and join the fun!

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